Saturday, November 29, 2014

cats and birds all across the sky

Some of you may remember that commission I was working on! It's finally finished! And safe and happy in its new home. It's up on the website right here, where it shall be preserved for all eternity.

I've also been struck by a fit of the crazies, and decided to go back and do some small edits on a painting that's been "finished" for over a year. For all that time, I let it be, even though there was significant work that could be done to it, because I didn't feel motivated enough and no one else seemed to care that it was - technically, in my view at least - unfinished.
I must simply cross my fingers and hope that everyone agrees with me, and thinks the new one is better.

I just simply couldn't stand that the birds didn't have ANY FEET, and my goodness gracious just, just -- look at that old branch.

This was all I saw when I looked at that painting and I didn't like what I saw. Everything in me screamed that it wasn't right. I didn't care that my family was all "hey, it's cool". It gnawed on me like a persistent beaver. One day I just cracked, I thought "I can't live with this anymore, I can't live my life knowing I just left it like this" and I did something I never normally do, which is go back to a piece a year later and change it.

Isn't this better? So much more solid? And it makes some semblance of sense, too? Some still say it makes no difference, but I can live with this. So I'm happy.

They were always supposed to have feet. I just never put the feet on there. Now I have, and all is right with the world. Here are some extra pictures to celebrate:

Aaaand, here's a bonus picture! It's the next painting I'll be working on:

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