Thursday, June 26, 2014

Birds of Lightning!

*wipes dust off blog* *coughs slightly* I've got another painting to show you! Friends, family...strangers?


It's a bird made of lightning or with the power of lightning or something like that, you know, the sort of thing writers come up with when they start wading into the realms of giant talking sturgeons and angsty neon pink squirrels. You might even recognize it from a sketch a few posts back. A sketch that I actually did finish, woo hoo!

You can CLICK HERE to read more about the Lightning Bird, see a different picture, watch me question my life choices as per all the usuals.

Also, here on the blog, you can now sign up to get an e-mail alert whenever I make a new post, I know at last one person wanted such a thing so there you go, look in the sidebar. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds and browse posts via topic, if you are so inclined. I'll leave you with a very beautiful picture of my very beautiful cat:

so gorgeous