Wednesday, May 7, 2014

new paintings, and a sketch!

This is a two-hour sketch of my own hand, holding a lovely pair of craft scissors. It was incredibly fun, and a great exercise! Just the right level of complicated. For me, drawing hands is always fun. They're so expressive! It's just like drawing faces (which I also enjoy). And like faces, they're so easy to break down into simple components, so easy to understand how they work when you've spent some time practicing. I need to stop being lazy and put some effort into sketching more often.

In other news! Those under construction paintings I posted a few weeks back are finished now, and on my website. They didn't change much, but they've got better photographs and long rambly descriptions. Cardinals are here, black and white moon bird is over here.

In other news, I've got not one but two unfinished paintings I need to start working on again. One is humongous, one is small, and they're both birds. Is anyone surprised?